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Studs archive: Harrie van Capellegoed | 4030-1872

Harrie van Capellegoed

Harrie van Capellegoed | 4030-1872

The very well developed ram Harrie with his withers up to a height of 73 centimetres, was born in 1995 and has participated and won on many championships.
Among which the most wanted championship: The Mekka of sheep in Den Bug on the island of Texel, where 1.5 year old sheep are tested in a yearly sheep contest, by professional jury. Harrie can breed like no stud can.
Harrie is the proud father and grandfather of his sons and grandsons, who follow him in his footsteps. Just like father, the legendary 4030-2239 named "de Kolenboer" and his grandfather the 4204-1870 who became the runner-up champion among 2 year old rams during the National examinations of 1999 in Utrecht.

Harrie begins at his 6th breeding season and the passed 5 seasons he served many ewes at several breeders, who wishes to make use of his excellent breeding qualities. Harrie has descendants all over the world, for example in France, England and Canada. The mother (6x14) and sisters have large production and live span and therefore an excellent using value.
The daughters of Harrie are very well and widely developed ewes with a modern length.
The muscularity of his sons and daughters is hard and fleshy. The Legs are dry and strong and are mainly being well used.
The wool is well closed and of fine fibers. Harrie is completely immune for scrapie for his genotype is ARR/ARR.

Harrie's sperm is of an outstanding quality, there are hardly any returns and his breeding spirit is enormous.

Harrie has grown a bit older. Therefore this year, for the first time of his life, we will not make use of his services. Seen his marvellous accomplishments and meritorious ness for our farm, we will let Harrie from "Capellegoed" remain with us to retire and spent his old days at rest.

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