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Studs archive: Chief van Capellegoed | 4030-2134 P

Chief van Capellegoed

Chief van Capellegoed | 4030-2134 P

"Chief van Capellegoed" was born in 1996 and was active in last breeding season 2000 for the 5th time on a large scale (about 100 ewes).

In the last 4 years the respectable amount of 600 lambs of CHIEF were registered.

In the summer of 1998 the 2134 was examined on descendants and promoted premium ram.
He was praised for his accomplishments in a report.

Many of his descendants are highly placed on examinations and very well judged on during inspections.
2134 was offered in working conditions for examination, during the inspection in the autumn of 1998.
The ram is very well developed. The height of his withers is 71 centimetres. The head is beautifully shaped and has a white colour.
Ram 2134 has a good forehand and a fitting length in the middle hand. The lion is brad. The legs are well conditioned, hard and are being used well. The wool is well closed at range and of fine fibers.
The 2134 has a tremendous breed radiation.

In the autumn of 2001, Chief from "Capellegoed" was sold to Belgium.

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