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Studs archive: Raaijman van Capellegoed | 2380-1033 P

Raaijman van Capellegoed

Raaijman van Capellegoed | 2380-1033 P

This modern very proportionately build son of Premium ram 1851-3776 and A - ewe 4580-0835 is widely set in at our farm. He is well developed and has a special length in the middle hand, accompanied by an excellent muscularity with a magnificent shaped croup. He stands with a lot of breeding quality on first-class legs.
"Raayman" has completely fulfilled our expectations for as well the male as the female descendants have a great deal of qualities like their father. The lambs are very well developed, quite muscular with deep trunks and beautifully shaped croups. The lambs are good types and have fairly long strong middle hands, decorated with good heads. The legs are here and there a little bit roughly shaped, but well positioned.

"Raayman from Capellegoed" has been given the rating PREMIUMRAM due to the quality of the shown Ram - and ewe- lambs.

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