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Studs archive: Buffel van Capellegoed | 1851-3000

Buffel van Capellegoed

Buffel van Capellegoed | 1851-3000

This particular good breeding son of preference ram 4210-2249 has shown his qualities on ten different farms.
Buffel is a ram who definitely improves.
That he is an appreciated gast is shown that he will be put in for the second and even the third season by many breeders to serve.
Since his birth, in 1996 , 335 descendants were born from 188 ewes.

The important qualities his descendants gets are: animals with much capacity and a great breed radiation, muscularity, good fleece and good legs.
The animals are generally well developed with a beautiful length and all in an ideal proportion.
We most not underrate the mothers side.
Mother is the daughter from the best breeding ram 958 K and have a general appearance of 89 points. The fertility from mothers side is very good.
Both mother and grandmother have delivered as yearlings.

Buffel from "Capellegoed" unfortunately died in the winter of 2001

Joint owner: Benny van Raaij, Wehl



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