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Studs archive: XL van Capellegoed | 1807-1305 K

XL van Capellegoed

XL van Capellegoed | 1807-1305 K

The inspector of the NTS verbally explained the inspection bar of "XL" as follows: 'a very vital ram with a good constitution, hard meat structure and very well on his legs. Recent years it has not occurred, among the male animals, that we have got a ram with such a recognition. His height and his length are both well and widely developed'.

"XL Capellegoed" is a son of the widely known Selected ram 3938 - 2600 K from the stable of the "Commander". "XL" has got a very wide, broad and openly built forehand with a sizeable deep chest and an extremely good neck closure with a marvellous head which he moves around fairly easily. The middle hand is long and deep with a lot of content. His back hand is wide, broad and provided with a fantastical muscularity. His legs are strong, correctly built and provided with a beautiful heel, moreover he uses his legs extremely well. "XL" from Capellegoed is a very proportional, harmonically build with a lot of grace which fits with the beautiful breed radiation, of the typical TEXEL RAM.

Meanwhile the breeding performance of "XL" has been proven. In the report on the Premium inspection his lambs are characterized as follows: 'An extremely immense uniformity with animals with a lot of muscularity, great length, well developed and a very good type with nicely shaped heads'. Last August, on the "Overijsselse" breeding day in "Den Ham" , three one-year-old ewes were proclaimed to be the best pen one-year-old ewes of the breeding day.

This year, "XL from Capellegoed" has been widely set in at our farm, therefore the expectations for the next season run high.

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